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This Season

This season, the most beautiful colors in the color chart have team up with the artist to bring you the most glamorous pieces from “Veve Collections”. Driven by culture Phelicia Dell fuses the vèvè elements and inspired fabrics with the creative affluence of shapes you’ve never seen before in her catalog. The result is a collection of beautiful silhouettes and playful styles, meld with delicate ruffles, tassels, chains, sequence and an abundance of silk handmade embroidered fabrics.

Drawing inspiration from her personal life’s style and the voodoo culture her endless source of creativity, Phelicia continue to create lines of eclectic statement pieces that can be layered and mixed together and create stunning looks for any period of the year. Vèvè Collections encourage and continue to support Phelicia Dell’s signature line that offer one of the best creative brand design for men and women who view fashion as a form of identity and artistic expressions.

Made in Haïti by skill artisans at Phelicia Dell workshop, any piece of this collection can be a great addition to your personal collection.

Sultania P.


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