100% Unique

VÈVÈ Collection continues to deliver it’s magic in these unique handbag designs. Our bright colors, details in our matching fabrics amazingly put together to create your perfect piece for you this summer. Here are some of the most popular bags from the collection. A detail-oriented mix of playful and colorful patchwork patterns to spice up […]


We have been leading the way for more than a decade now because we believe you deserve the best from Haïti… Vèvè Collections by Phelicia Dell ” A Synergy of Art & Soul

This Season

This season, the most beautiful colors in the color chart have team up with the artist to bring you the most glamorous pieces from “Veve Collections”. Driven by culture Phelicia Dell fuses the vèvè elements and inspired fabrics with the creative affluence of shapes you’ve never seen before in her catalog. The result is a […]