VèVè Collections, handcrafted in Haiti by Phelicia Dell, focuses on quality and value over race or culture. The designers confine styles and femininity through shapes, styles, colors, and extraordinary fabrics, allowing her clients to express their attitude while promoting art. Her creations and accessories have sophisticated styles, stylish colors, a rich feel, and great craftsmanship. Her products allow modern women and men to exhibit their distinctive flair while addressing their lifestyle needs. Phelicia Dell designs feature unique shapes, uncommon patterns, and hip elements to show clients they can have it all. “Must-have” accessories combine luxury, style, elegance, and quality.

VèVè Collections’ handmade and hand-selected products offer the highest quality. Each product uses the finest materials. The company has the highest industry standards while ensuring and supporting sustainable jobs, especially for young women. Every detail of every product is assembled with care and attention to detail by women. The brand’s handmade workmanship and quality textiles enchant customers.
Our clientele are confident, stylish, and sophisticated. Exceptional styles and stylish designs captivate them. I designed a brand that offers flair and refinement while still catering to the everyday shopper.

VèVè Collections embodies Haitian culture via designs, styles, colors, and extraordinary fabrics, allowing clients to express themselves in an everyday accessory. Our boutique reflects your confident, audacious style. We present you the best from our workshop, which is glam, original, and well-made, but not expensive.