The Brand


These artifacts are a testament to the purity of the veve diagrams in Haitian culture, and their construction presents their own unique set of challenges. The perfect finish requires ongoing invention, a drive to succeed, and minimal technology.

VèVè’s collections aren’t your typical apparel and accessories. The concept draws on Haitian culture. Our handbags are mostly made from surplus household textiles. Uniqueness comes from restricted textiles. Over 1000 veve signs, each with a different meaning, also make the bags unique. Customers choose their fabric and veve symbol to make a unique purse.

VèVè Collection prioritizes quality above quantity. We make small, unique series. Differentiation, not cost-cutting, should be our competitive approach. With a strategy of differentiation, VèVè collection will be able to demand a set amount for its greater quality.

VèVè Collection needs quality control. Before leaving the workshop, each item must undergo a quality test by Phelicia Dell, the company’s designer, or her assistant to ensure an independent and objective control.

VèVè Collections Arts arranges colors, textures, and shapes expertly. Extreme black and white, insolent crimson, sacred purple, bright yellow, wealthy gold, royal blue, and turquoise express the artist’s passion.

Customers that shop with us tend to be bold, fashionable, and discerning. They’re all about looking stylish. The designer worked hard to create a brand that was simultaneously chic and approachable.
The VèVè Collections are a way for customers to express themselves through a practical item while also honoring Haitian culture through its designs, styles, colors, and amazing fabrics. You may be sure that our boutique will represent your bold, daring taste. Here is the cream of the crop from our workshop; it’s stylish, one-of-a-kind, well-made, and inexpensive.
the brand Veve collection