The Designer


Phelicia Dell

Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She is the daughter of a dressmaker an experienced textile factory supervisor. Her mom and acquaintances from an early age easily recognized Phelicia’s artistic skills. At the age of fifteen, while living in Miami with her family, she was gifted her first sewing machine by her mother. In 2004, after the assassination of her business partner and baby’s father in Haiti, she gained a creative global meaningful inspiration that will later become her VèVè signature style and trademark. Her designs have a legacy, artisan style, which makes her work timeless and beautiful. Exclusive and graceful characteristics are key trends in Phelicia’s clothes and assortment of accessories. Haiti’s music and dance, especially the sacred rhythms, and the VèVè diagrams have always been an inspiration that influenced the designer’s artistic veins and creative collections throughout her career. In 2006 she launched her VèVè Collections line with 25 beaded cocktail dresses. Phelicia Dell is one of a few Haitians born designers to own her workshop. There, is where dresses and accessories are made from prototypes. Today, hundreds of her designs are made to order for celebrities who make up her clientele list. Her style is instantly recognizable with structured elegance and accentuated details. Phelicia went from piecing together a beaded flag to creating a very identifiable and stylish piece of art. She designed a new feminine silhouette bag where shapes, curves and pockets are highlighted by the exactness of their cuts. Mingling artifacts discovered during her research days have influenced a styling mood found in many of her designs. Phelicia emphasizes the bright and colorful side of the Caribbean in her work. Phelicia’s work mixes ethnic inspirations with distinctive style. Floating and innovative ideas adorn her fashion studio. The label helped popularize Haiti’s handmade crafts and VèVè products as a new and ingenuously stylish, iconic look worn by the fashion elite. It was not long after being spotted by the organizations “Women in Democracy” and “Voix Essentielles”, originally known as “Vital Voices” in the United States, that she was recognized by Diane Von Furstenberg as the best emerging handbag designer in 2009. Almost a year later, she was also honored by “Island of the World” for best Fashion and Culture Design. In 2010, the Daily Beast recognized her among 150 people that are shaking their world. One year later, Digicel awarded her as the best emerging entrepreneur of the year. In 2012 she marked the runway with an exclusive collection at Kreyol Fashion Days in Guadeloupe an organization with a purpose to bring the Caribbean Fashion to a single platform where Fashion embraces Art. June 2015 Caribbean Fashion Week distinguished her as Caribbean Master Designer. In January 2021 she was among a list of 50 most inspired and model women honored in Haiti by IFTH & STH. Phelicia Dell takes her art from Haiti to the finest boutiques and runways around the world like Miami, Martinique, Argentina, Guadeloupe, Bahamas, New York, Paris, Washington, Connecticut, Dominican Republic, Miami’s Funkshion Week, Caribbean Fashion Week, Island of the World Fashion Week, London Fashion Week and Black Expo Design in Montreal Canada. Today VèVè Collections represents one of the strongest and sustainable business ventures in Haiti. While her talent already confirms the emergence of her first rays of light, her first stars; Phelicia creates, invents and continues to win.