The Brand


They are creations that are assembled in a challenging environment designed to illustrate the veve diagrams in their purities in the Haitian culture. The perfect finish is achieved with constant inventiveness, an unyielding need to succeed, and the minimum of technological instruments.
What makes VèVè ‘s collections so unique is that it’s not the traditional type of clothing and accessories that anyone would find anywhere. The concept is based on the cultural values of Haiti as a backdrop. Most of our handbags are created from decorative fabrics that are leftovers from household projects. It’s the limited fabrics that make each bag unique. The veve signs also make the bags even more unique, as there are over 1000 veve signs, each with different meanings. Customers can pick their fabric and choose a veve sign they like, making their own special handbag.
At VèVè Collection we have chosen to focus on quality rather than volume. Through our creations, we focus on small but rather unique series. The competitive strategy for us should pursue the voice of differentiation and not cost reduction. The “artistic” dimension is therefore very important in each creation of our products with the strategy of differentiation, VèVè collection will be able to charge a calculated price from item to item for its superior quality.

The quality control for us at VèVè Collection must be established. Before leaving the workshop each item should undergo a quality test carried out by Phelicia Dell the appointed designer of the company or her assistant other than the artisan who carry out the assembly of the art work, in order to ensure a more independent and objective control.
VèVè Collections Arts possesses an exhaustive capacity for arrangement of colors, textures, and shapes. The extreme black and white, the insolent red, the sacred purple, the bright yellow, the opulent gold, the exuberant royal blue and turquoise reveal a passionate nature that permeates everything the line represents from the artist’s soul.
Our customers are self confident, sophisticated and fashionable. They are enthralled by exceptional styles and chic designs. I created a brand that offered style and sophistication while still catering to the needs of the everyday customer.

VèVè Collections confine our perspective of Haiti’s culture through its various shapes, styles, colors and exceptional fabrics, which allow our customers to express their attitude in an everyday accessory. Our boutique is a reflection of you, a confident customer that radiates through his daring wardrobe. We bring you the best from our workshop, all glam, unique and well made while keeping in mind that high quality doesn’t have to come at a high price.”