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Handcrafted in Haiti by Phelicia Dell, the VèVè Collections line has a key aspects that set it apart from others include a request that exceed any particular ethnicity or culture while focusing on quality and value. The designers work confine styles and femininity through its varying shapes, styles, colors and exceptional fabrics, which allow her customers to express their attitude in an everyday accessory while they promote the art. She believes her designs and accessories are to be portrayed as sophisticated styles, an assortment of fashionable colors, luxurious feel, and exquisite craftsmanship. Each of her products is crafted with her customers in mind; “I create products that allow the contemporary woman and men to express their unique look while meeting the demands of their lifestyles. My designs embraces distinctive shapes, unconventional patterns, and flirts with hip details reminding my customers that they can have it all. Luxury, style, elegance and quality come together in our “must have” accessories.”

All VèVè Collections products are handmade and hand selected to ensure that only the finest quality is delivered in its line. The finest materials are carefully chosen to construct each product. While working timelessly to assure and support sustainable jobs especially for young women, the company prides itself in having the highest standards in the industry. Carefully monitored by women, the company ensures that each detail in every product is assembled with the greatest care and utmost regard for excellence. The brand pampers its customers with handmade construction and elegantly crafted with of the finest fabrics.

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