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The Roots Collection
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The Roots Collection
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Haiti is the home of Veve Collections work shop and being a designer, who is inspired by the cultural values of this country. " I love bringing bold colors into the designs," which is reflected in the bright reds, blue, green, black and oranges in the collection. I appreciate all the possibilities and the richness that I found exploring my cultural heritage through my art and making it important to bring fun to my line, creating perfect looks for any occasion that takes style to the next level. Our customers are self confident, sophisticated and fashionable. they are enthralled by exceptional styles and chic designs . I created a brand that offered style and sophistication while still catering to the needs of the everyday customer. Veve Collections confine our perspective of Haiti's culture through its various shape, styles colors and exceptional fabrics, which allow our customers to express their attitude in an everyday accessory. Our boutique is a reflection of you! A confident customer that radiates through his daring wardrobe. We bring you the best from our workshop all glam, unique and well made while keeping in mind that high quality doesn’t have to come at a high price.

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