Vèvè Collections, Handcraft in Haiti by Phelicia Dell

The remarkable success of Vèvè is the work of a woman who has responded to the masters of Haiti's land. Phelicia's Vèvè Catalog will exceed your expectations. The designs will convey to you the creative intoxication of the artist behind the brand. Vèvè attests to the Majestic and mystical traits that characterize its distinctive nature; the prominent colors of fashion or just the mood and audacity of the artist. Vèvè Collections Arts possesses an exhaustive capacity for arrangement of colors, textures, and shapes. The extreme black and white, the insolent red, the sacred purple, the bright yellow, the opulent gold, the exuberant royal blue and turquoise reveal a passionate nature that permeates everything the line represents from the artist soul.


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